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Application of Peptides

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Peptides are small stable molecular forms. Due to their small size, they are able to penetrate the cell and stimulate certain processes in it. Not all of these substances are peptide bioregulators, which were created specifically for the purpose of acting on certain organs and tissues to stimulate renewal processes in them. The main job of peptide bioregulators is to attach the damaged protein chain to free anchoring sites, thus restoring it and maintaining its integrity.

Since protein cells are constantly attacked by the external environment, they are repeatedly forced to recover or die during their life. Damaged cells that do not have enough materials to stimulate their renewal die. The problem of regeneration in the human body before the age of 40 is not very acute - because all functions are balanced and work in the optimal mode set by nature. Closer to "middle age" a fracture occurs. It is expressed in a decrease in the production of growth hormones, inhibition of regeneration functions and a gradual decrease in immunity. Khavinson's peptide bioregulators help to prevent the process of premature aging.

Each of the body systems has its own sets of peptide bioregulators. It is important to understand this when planning to use peptide-based drugs for prophylactic purposes or in courses of complex therapy for diseases.

Each organ regenerates using its own peptide bioregulators. It is useless to use these substances without a clear program and goals. Indeed, their creation is based on a completely definite function - "regulation". In order for the effect of the reception to be noticeable, it is necessary to use only peptide bioregulators, namesake of the organs for which they were created, in prevention and complex therapy.

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