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ANTI-POLLUTION - Cleansing and Protective Complex With Peptides

Form release:
Morning formula - 90 capsules of 300 mg (gelatin shell).
Evening formula - 50 capsules of 520 mg (gelatin shell).

Base price: 79,00 €
79,00 €

ANTI-POLLUTION  a peptide complex to cleanse the body of toxins and activate the protective functions of the body.


  • body detoxification and protection against oxidative stress.
  • strengthening immunity.
  • lowering cholesterol levels.
  • improvement of the cardiovascular system.


  • helps cleanse the body of toxins and toxins;
  • contributes to the activation of the protective functions of the body;
  • contributes to the normalization of intestinal microflora;
  • protects the body from oxidative stress;
  • strengthening the adaptive capabilities of the body;
  • has a hepatoprotective effect.

Main components:


AEDG tetrapeptide, KE peptide, EW peptide, dihydroquercetin, garlic extract, psyllium extract, parsley extract, wheat germ oil, cedarwood oil


milk thistle extract, artichoke extract, spirulina, chlorella, apple fruit extract, resveratrol, alpha lipoic acid, kelp extract

Active ingredients:


Tetrapeptide AEDG (Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly) plays a vital role in slowing down the aging process, increasing the length and quality of life. Increases the length of telomerase, increases the proliferation potential of cells. Normalizes the exchange of neurotransmitters, normalizes the production of melatonin and serotonin.

Peptide KE - stimulates the processes of tissue regeneration, synthesis of tissue-specific proteins, proliferative and metabolic activity of cells, accelerates wound healing, activates the functions of connective tissue cells, has antioxidant, immunostimulating and anti-stress properties.

Peptide EW activates the differentiation of T-lymphocytes, restores the ratio of immunoregulatory cells and the functional activity of the nonspecific defense system.

All peptides used in our cosmetics are produced by solid-phase synthesis (non-animal origin) and are highly purified (98.9%).

DIHYDROQUERCETIN Fights free radicals. Able to regulate metabolic processes at the level of cell membranes. It has a strong anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effect. Improves the condition of cartilage, bone and connective tissue. Strengthens small and large blood vessels. Reduces the level of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood, preventing the formation of blood clots.

GARLIC EXTRACT prevents poisoning, strengthens the immune system, dilates blood vessels, reduces the risk of blood clots, improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Increases the body's resistance to colds. It has the properties of lowering blood pressure, is used for influenza and bronchitis, to increase appetite, normalize microflora, improve hair growth.

PLANTAIN EXTRACT has a wound-healing effect, stimulates tissue regeneration, cleanses the intestines.

PARSLEY EXTRACT has a wide range of medicinal properties due to the content of useful substances (vitamins, macro- and microelements): vitamin C, vitamins of groups B, P, A, E, PP, K, manganese, potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, chloride salts, iron, molybdenum, vanadium, lithium, aluminum, selenium, copper, zinc, folic acid, essential oil, flavonoids, organic acids, fiber, tannins, protein, carbohydrates, starch, as well as 18 amino acids, including arginine , alanine, glycine, aspartic and glutamic acids.

WHEAT GERM OIL stimulates metabolic processes, helps cleanse the body of toxins and other harmful substances, helps optimize the circulatory system, activates the immune system. It has a sedative effect on the peripheral and nervous systems, normalizes hormonal balance, reducing the likelihood of failures. Helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

PINE NUT OIL affects the state and functioning of the cardiovascular and central nervous systems, blood composition (useful for anemia) and circulation in general, preventing the development of strokes, heart attacks, active antioxidants lower the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, prevent atherosclerosis, increase the body's defenses (immunity), has a decongestant effect, enhancing lymphatic drainage and facilitating the removal of excess fluid.


MILK THISTLE EXTRACT accelerates the regeneration of liver cells, providing a hepatoprotective, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, antioxidant, immunomodulatory, choleretic, detoxifying effect on the body.

ARTICHOKE EXTRACT removes toxins from the blood, liver cells and gallbladder. It has diuretic, stimulating, tonic, hepatoprotective, hypoazotemic and hypocholesterolemic properties.

SPIRULINA lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. Strengthens immunity. Increases the physical endurance of the body. Anti-inflammatory and wound healing agent. Has a blood-thinning effect. Antioxidant (high content of carotene, 10 times more than in carrots). Promotes the elimination of metals and other toxins from the body. Reduces body fat and accelerates the build-up of muscle tissue. Improves eyesight, hair and skin.

CHLORELLA cleanses from various toxins: environmental toxins, pesticides from non-organic food, alcohol, heavy metals, cosmetic and household chemicals. Clean healthy skin. Chlorella contains vitamin B2. Healthy intestine. Helps normalize the intestinal flora. Strong immune system. Contains vitamin B12, B6 and iron, strengthens the immune system. Shiny strong hair - thanks to the content of biotin and copper. Helps control weight and improves lipid metabolism. Stimulipyet renewal of cells. You get iron, vitamin B6 and B12, which stimulate the renewal of cells and tissues.

APPLE FRUIT EXTRACT soluble fiber, normalizes intestinal microflora. Contains a large amount of vitamin C and malic acid. The composition contains B vitamins, phytoncides, organic acids, essential substances and minerals, fiber, sugars, tannins and pectins.

RESVERATROL activates certain genes that help fight diseases that come with aging. Neutralizes free radicals produced during daily processes, prevents inflammation in various tissues of the body, destroys herpes simplex, lowers blood sugar levels and improves overall health, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

ALPHA-LIPOIC ACID has an antioxidant effect, regulates blood sugar levels, helps reduce fat mass, slows down the aging process, and has a restorative effect after exercise.

LAMINARIA EXTRACT removes heavy metals and toxins, cleanses blood vessels and arteries, and reduces the likelihood of blood clots. Effective with iodine deficiency in the body.

Method of application:


3 capsules before meals. Daily for 30 days.


the first 10 days - 1 capsule before meals, then 2 capsules before meals for 20 days.


1 month, repeat the course after 6 months.

The bad is not a medicine. For use and contraindications, you should consult a doctor.

Form release:

Morning formula - 90 capsules of 300 mg (gelatin shell).

Evening formula - 50 capsules of 520 mg (gelatin shell).


  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • children's age up to 14 years;
  • peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, gastritis during the acute stage, cholelithiasis, epilepsy, hypotension;
  • individual intolerance to the components of the composition.

Guaranteed authenticity and quality:

100% Original from VITAL ESSENTIAL COSMETICS (Russian Federation)

PRO-AGE technologies in the fight against aging: combined use of preparations.

VITAL ESSENTIAL COSMETICS is a highly effective professional cosmetic line, for the creation of which scientific research in the field of gerontology, pharmacology and dermatology was combined, developed on the basis of the FBSI SSC VB "Vector" and the institutes of the Novosibirsk Academgorodok. The challenge faced by the team of professionals was to quickly and structurally improve the physiology of the skin. All Vital Essential Cosmetics are clinically tested and proven to be effective.

The effectiveness of Vital Essential Cosmetics is due to the high content of pharmaceutical grade active ingredients and the use of new technologies for delivering these ingredients to the deep layers of the skin.

Development and production:


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