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LADY 3 Plus 60

FOR WOMEN'S HEALTH PEPTIDE COMPLEX. Natural Khavinson OVARIES, VESSELS AND THYROID GLAND peptides in capsules. 60 capsules of 30 mg.

Base price: 140,00 €
140,00 €

LADY 3 Plus® is a complex of polypeptides of natural origin, which improves the reproductive system of women. The complex makes up for the lack of regulatory peptides in the body, which strengthen blood vessels, improve cell metabolism in ovarian and thyroid tissues. As a result, the rate of aging of the organism as a whole decreases.

Polypeptide complex LADY 3 Plus is not a hormonal remedy. It stimulates the synthesis of its own ovarian hormones, thyroid gland and promotes the health of endothelial vessels. The natural composition and physiological mechanism of action helps to avoid intolerance and other side effects typical for hormonal therapy.

Peptide bioregulators are organic substances that can stimulate biological processes in the body and include mechanisms for independent recovery. Thanks to the discovery of the method of obtaining bioregulators, scientists were able to synthesize a new type of preparations. They can slow down the rate of ageing, prolong active longevity and reduce the risk of developmental disorders associated with age-related changes.

Peptides under the brand name Khavinson Peptides (International Research Foundation, headed by Professor V.H. Khavinson, who has been studying peptide bioregulators and geroprotectors for over 45 years) is a group of substances that can increase life expectancy. In cooperation with this world-famous brand Vitual participated in the creation of polypeptide complexes.

Indications for use:

  • supporting the body throughout the menstrual cycle;
  • reducing the discomfort of natural fading hormonal background;
  • improvement of the emotional state;
  • improvement of the whole reproductive system;
  • strengthening of blood vessels;
  • improved function of the endocrine glands.

The functions of the female genital system largely depend on the correct functioning of the thyroid gland, ovaries and blood system. The main function of the female body suffers from disorders, age-related changes and improper blood supply in the respective organs.

Peptide complex LADY 3 Plus - we know the needs of a woman:

  • LADY 3 Plus" not only has a positive effect on the reproductive function of the female body, but also maintain normal production of collagen in the dermis and improve the condition of the skin.
  • The positive effect is manifested when using bioregulators in the period immediately preceding the beginning of the cycle. Peptides maintain hormonal balance, contribute to good mood, offset negative conditions and concerns.
  • 70% of women's life period associated with the programmed nature of fading female hormones is difficult and accompanied by various disorders. Regular intake of the right complex of peptides will help to survive the discomfort caused by such hormonal changes.

When using polypeptide bioregulators, the genes that trigger the synthesis of endogenous hormones are included in the work. Women can count on improved health and prevention of early aging. The use of Khavinson short peptides is absolutely safe and helps eliminate age-related signs of aging, support the body throughout the menstrual cycle and improve the functioning of the reproductive system.


Each capsule includes 30 mg natural peptide complexes (CYTOMAXES) A2, A3, A15 :

  • ovaries peptides 10 mg
  • peptides of vessels 10 mg
  • thyroid gland peptides 10 mg

Recommendation for application:

Adults: 1-2 capsules twice a day.


individual intolerance of components, pregnancy, lactation.

Form of production:

60 capsules of 30 mg.

Storage conditions:

store at a temperature between +5°C and +25°C in a dark place


Guaranteed authenticity and quality:

100% Original from the Vitual Laboratories (Russian Federation).

Development and production:

Vitual Laboratories

Khavinson Peptides (International Research Foundation).

vitual lab brand

khavinson brand

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